Chart a better course for high-volume assessment programs with fast, secure online delivery

High-volume, high stakes tests demand high performance efficiency, reliability and security.


When Test Results Matter Most, ORCA Secure Performs Best

ORCA Secure is an online high stakes (summative) assessment delivery platform that facilitates fast, reliable testing for a large, distributed population of users. Delivered via secure web browser, the ORCA Secure platform can be easily configured and customized to accommodate a wide range of programs and unique client needs.

ORCA Secure Supports the Louisiana Online Assessment System

ORCA Secure plays a key role in keeping student data, test items, and related reporting secure in Louisiana’s Online Assessment System (OAS), designed and managed by Pacific Metrics. The system integrates with the state’s data warehouse and supports six test administration windows each year.

ipadSecurity is Our Shared Priority

With an easy-to-use dashboard, ORCA Secure offers seamless integration of administration, rostering, and test delivery. This structure accommodates assessment delivery across schools, districts, and states. The platform supports multiple service providers, so our clients have optimum flexibility and scalability as their testing program changes and grows.

ORCA Secure offers dynamic functionality so clients may utilize a range of testing items, including technology-enhanced items, and integrate constructed-response questions that can be scored with automated solutions, including Pacific Metrics’ CRASE scoring engine.

ORCA Secure delivers ease of use, reliability and flexibility:

  • User friendly administration
  • Minimal demands on clients’ existing infrastructure
  • Support for PC, tablet, and mobile testing environments
  • Meets interoperability standards for high stakes testing

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